Mini-Galaxy 1
Mini-Galaxy 1

Stereo Integrated Mini Vacuum Tube Amplifier

  • Ultralinear-Class AB Push-Pull with up to 12W x 2 Output Power
  • Contain 6 Level Negative Feedback Control for adjustment
  • Nichicon Capacitor
  • Internal Burr-Brown DAC
  • Support for PC, Notebook, iPod, SACD, MP3 Player
  • 2 sets of RCA input and Earphone output

Review of Mini-Galaxy 1 – 6moons

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Reference 5 / Power One (300B)
Reference 5 / Power One (300B)
Balanced Class A P-P Mono Block Tube Power Amplifier
Output Impedance: 4,8,16 Ω
Output Power: 60W/Ch.
Input Mode: RCA or Balanced
Input Impedance: RCA>100K Ω, Bal-600-22K Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz ±1dB
T.H.D.: <5% 20Hz-20KHz (Ref. Output)
S/N ratio: >87dB (Hum Noise<2mV)
Vacuum Tubes: 300Bx4 /Ch
6N9P(6SL7)x2 /Ch
12AX7(ECC83)x1 /Ch
12AU7(ECC82)x3 /Ch
Weight: 31.5kg (N.W.)/ 37.5kg (G.W)
Dimension (D x W x H): 475 x 405 x 215 mm
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